Mojito & Co Mondays – In Sitges..

Don’t forget to stop at Mojito & Co for a cocktail or two during your next trip to Sitges! Be warned…they are not mean with the measures. The cocktails are strong..

Strippers in Sitges at Privilege…

The Sunday Strip show in Sitges shows off some of the biggest boys in town! The shows take place every Saturday and Wednesday..with the occasional surprise one on a Sunday!

Wedding Bells in Sitges… Ivan and Chris tie the knot…

This past Friday we celebrated with our friends, the wedding of Ivan and Chris..The event was one of the most stylishly put together weddings we’ve been to in a while…the whole white theme really worked!

The Lady Diamond Show – Privilege, Sitges

Lady Diamond continues her show in Privilege every Thursday night throughout the Summer Season. The show kicks off from 11.30 and is one of the busiest shows this Summer.

The Sunday Show at El Candil…

If you are looking for an alternative night out in Sitges on a Sunday, then head to the old town and check out the show at El Candil..

The Lady Diamond Show at Privilege – June 2nd 2011.

Lady Diamond kicked off her Summer Season at Privilege last night with a spectacular show featuring a new mix of songs from the past to the present.. There was also “a touch of French”…added in .. Lady is expanding her vocabulary as we speak! The show takes place every Thursday night during the Summer Season […]

The Tropical Party at XXL – Wed June 1st.

This year there seems to be an abundance of theme nights in the bars… and XXL has definitely pulled out all the stops to put on a party night worthy of the bar’s reputation!

Parrots Pub gets a surprise visitor!

The boys at Parrots Pub and Terrace got an unexpected visitor on Wednesday Night! The red velvet seats got their first proper modelling shots! Check