Gay Sitges goes to Gran Canaria for Maspalomas Pride!

Gay Sitges Pride visits Maspalomas Pride

Greetings from Gay Gran Canaria… where Gay Sitges Pride’s float is getting ready to take to the streets of Maspalomas for the annual pride celebrations. Look out for Lady Diamond.. the es collection boys, the gaydar angels and a host of other familiar Sitges faces in the photos coming next week!

And hopefully we will see all the Gran Canaria boys back in Sitges for Gay Pride Sitges from July 9th to 13th…

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Eurovision comes to Gay Sitges at Dark Sitges Bar

Dark Sitges Eurovision

Eurovision Fever hits Gay Sitges this month as Dark Sitges Bar hosts a series of special Eurovision evenings…culminating on the 29th of May… With Free Pica Pica, video screens and the unique atmosphere in Dark Sitges. Check out Dark Sitges full listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Gay Sitges Bars – Bourbons now open daily…

Bourbons Bar Gay Sitges

Bourbons bar is now open every night during the Summer Season for 2010. Its a great bar, with excellent video music, cheap drink prices and a fun atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit. Check out the Photos of Bourbons Bar on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Gay Sitges Apartments – May Deals.

Apartments in Sitges

If you’re planning on visiting Sitges in May,then Gay has some great last minute deals and special offers where you can save up to 40% on 5 night bookings in Sitges and Barcelona.

And while Apartments in SitgesWe hav for Pride are almost completely booked out, we still have some limited availability at the Hotel Calipolis, the perfect place to watch the Pride Parade from and right opposite the Gay Sitges Pride Village.

Stay in the Hotel Calipolis For Pride – Double Room with Sea View and Terrace – From EUR 450 per person.

Gay Sitges Saunas – Sauna Sitges New Summer Calendar

Sauna Sitges

Sauna Sitges has recently put the finishing touches on the renovations. They have a new foam room with laser lighting and their famous foam parties now take place every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 6pm and at 4am in the morning!

The sauna offers Massage, 10 cabins, two special leather cabins, jacuzzi, steam bath and of course a dry sauna. Check out Sauna Sitges full listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Organic on a Gay Sitges Long Weekend…

Organic - Gay Sitges Club

Sunday night and Organic played host to the closing of the International Bears Meeting.

Organic - Gay Sitges Club

Organic is open every night for the Summer Season from 2.30am.

Organic - Gay Sitges Club

Check out the photos of Organic on Gay Sitges Guide by visiting the link below.

International Gay Sitges Bears Meeting – XXL Sunday.

XXL Bears Week

The International Gay Sitges Bears Event concluded last night in El Horno and XXL.

XXL Bears Week

The event was well attended with bears from around the world… its big brother, The September Event is expected to attract record numbers.

XXL Bears Week

XXL is open nightly for the Summer Season. Check out the photos on Gay Sitges Guide below.

XXL Bears Week

Parrots Pub, in the heart of Gay Sitges.

Parrots Sitges

Parrots Pub is located right in the heart of town and is the perfect place to watch the world go by…

Parrots Sitges

The pub and terrace are open daily… Go Say hello to Sebastian and the crew! Check out Parrots Pub’s full listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Oreks – Saturday in Gay Sitges…

Oreks Gay Sitges bar

Saturday night and the town of Sitges was full for the long bank holiday weekend..

Oreks Gay Sitges bar

Oreks is always a popular destination with great music and friendly staff..

Oreks Gay Sitges bar

The bar is open nightly from 10.30pm.

Oreks Gay Sitges bar

Check out the photos of Oreks Bar on Gay Sitges Guide below.