Sitges for Girls

Gay Sitges Guide for Girls

We´ve just launched a new section to the guide aimed especially for our female readers! We often get asked what Sitges is like for a gay woman and this gay girls guide has been researched and written by Sitges girls, so its totally up-to-date. It also covers Barcelona. Enjoy.

Joaquin Cortes – Live in Sitges

This Friday Joaquim Cortes dances live in Sitges. Check out the video of one of his most famous flamenco performances! There are a handfull of tickets left. The event takes place in the Hotel Melia.

Shes Back…..

Prinz Bar

The diva returns… Sunday Night at Prinz! From 1am. Visit Prinz Bar’s full listing on Gay Sitges Guide or go to

Breakfast at Cine Cafe

Cine Cafe

The second-best way to start the day is with a great breakfast. Cine Cafe offer a range of breakfast choices such as the full monty breakfast featuring British Bacon, British Sausage, minute steak, heinz beans, fresh tomato, fresh mushrooms, chips, fried egg and toast.

You might also want to check out “An American in Paris” – 2 slices of French Toast (eggy bread to you and me) served with scrambled eggs and bacon, or “The 3 Amigoes” – 3 poached eggs on buttered toast.

Check out Cine Cafe’s full listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

A night in El Piano

El Piano Sitges

Saturday Night and it was off to El Piano to catch Wayne sing some amazing tunes.

El Piano Sitges

The bar was packed with blend of locals, tourists, gay and straight which is what makes Piano such a great night out!

El Piano Sitges

You can check out all of the photos on Gay Sitges Guide’s photo gallery section here.

Privilege, Sitges Opening Party Galleries – May 16th 2008

Privilege Sitges

Privilege’s opening night was a resounding success, with local business owners mingling with cute tourists throughout the night. You can view the galleries by visiting Gay Sitges Guide Photos section or by visting the Privilege Website.

Bourbons and B Side galleries have also been updated along with the very cute Stripper photos. We will feature more tomrrow. See you tonight!

Sitges from the Sky – A tour…

Sitges from the sky

This is a treat for those of you who have never been to Sitges. Its a sort of mini-ariel-tour of the town from Gay Sitges Guide. Its also a handy reference for finding the other gay nudist beach, Playa del Meurte (Dead Man’s Beach).

Sitges from the sky

As you can see from above, the famous Sitges church is in the old town… yes there is a whole other part of Sitges behind the church and it is well worth exploring with some of the buildings dating back to the 1300’s.

Sitges from the sky

As you continue along Sitges 4kms+ line of beautiful beaches you will find all sorts of water sport activites taking place, from para-surfing to windsailing.

Sitges from the sky

At the end of Sitges you will find the golf course and the Sunway Apartments. This is your first point of reference to find the Nudist Gay Beach.

Sitges from the sky

Then its on past the L’Atlantida Disco, which holds the Gay Beach Party every year.
Continue along up past the railway (go over the tunnel… not through it!)

Sitges from the sky

Follow the multi-coloured signs that have been sprayed onto the walls.

Sitges from the sky

And there you have it. Its a bit of a walk…but the beach is good fun, you get to meet some great people…and the forest behind the beach has something for everyone! Enjoy.

Sitges Triathlon

Sitges Triathlon 2008

The Sitges Triathlon took place last weekend with over 300 participants taking place.

Sitges Triathlon 2008

There was, as always, plenty of eye-candy about for those of you who were up early enought to catch sight of them!

Sitges Triathlon 2008

It was certainly a sight to see as they made their way around the coast of Sitges. Just another day in Sitges!

Man Bar Party Schedule Summer – 2008

Man Bar Sitges

Man bar has announced its line up of theme nights for the season. All kick off as of this week.

  • Mon – sportswear
  • Tues -underwear
  • Weds -leather/rubber/jeans
  • Thurs -underwear
  • Fri -underwear
  • Sat -no dresscode
  • Sun -underwear

For more information visit Man Bar’s full listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Privilege Opening Party – Fri 16th May

Privilege Opening Night

Privilege is reopening for the Summer Season with new owners and a fresh look with several themed party nights planned. Check out the galleries from last year here. Gay Sitges Guide will see you there.

Here’s a little teaser of what the bar was like last year. Enjoy