Sitges for Girls

Sitges for Girls

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Welcome to the world of Carmen Pica Morales.. yes we know she is South American but she speaks Spanish so we can pretend!

Sitges and Barcelona provide the perfect getaway for girls wanting a hot break away from home.. Sitges is an international gay holiday destination which is attracting more and more girls every year. The perfect break would be to stay in Sitges and have a few nights out in Barcelona.

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Beaches in Sitges for GirlsDepending on your time of arrival hit the beach . There is an ambient beach bar located on the beach at Platja la Barra playing chill out music with decking. They serve drinks to your lounger or table from midday to 8pm. The girls beach in front of this bar is more subtle than the guys beach but it is there if you know what your looking for!

When you need to get out of the sun there is a new café on San Pedro, in the shade , it is stylishly quaint and great for a snack in the afternoon.

For a laid back evening check out La PIcara, for great Tapas, great conversation and watching the world go by.

Beaches in Sitges for GirlsAs well as the girl specific bars the whole of Sitges is gay. So you can be yourself anywhere you are, the beaches, the restaurants and the streets. You can be completely free, out and yourself wherever you are. The eighty year old catalan locals don’t bat an eyelid at 12 foot drag queens in thongs at carnival so you being affectionate with your girlfriend on a Saturday afternoon it goes completely unacknowledged. Whether it is a romantic meal together try down by the seafront, next to the old church and surrounded by palm trees and the breeze from the sea and after one of the many seafront bars, great for cocktails. Salseta is a delightful Spanish/Catalan restaurant with the most fantastic food for that special meal


Girls ClubbingIf you want a massive night out without going into Barcelona then you need to be here for the Hola Girls Party in June. . Set to become one of the biggest Lesbian Paties in Europe, its shceudled to take place from the 5th to the 9th of June. So if you are feeling ‘very Shane’ or looking for Bettes, Tinas and of course Papes if you don’t find them here you won’t find them anywhere!!

For weekly clubs head straight into Barcelona, it is a thirty minute train ride partly along the coast. Spanish girls go out late and stay out late so you would leave Sitges around nine to get to bars around ten. Some clubs just open at two or three so expect to go on until five or six to get first train back to Sitges. If you want come home early there is always the night coach or a cab but it isn’t likely you will be on either of them!

For pre drinks Can Fly in the gottic quarter is a cool meeting place. It is small with no music and at first looks like it is frequented by just the usual suspects..mohican tattooed girl in the corner and skin head behind the bar but it fills up really quickly with interntional 30 something women. So it is great to meet chat and move on to..Aires .. it is the biggest weekly girls night on Friday and Saturdays with a mainly twenty something crowd throwing themselves at you, packed, you can take guys in as guests and goes on until three, , or try Deja Vous where guys can go in with you but there are less of them as they have to pay Euros 10 to get in .. you go free but there is a minimum buy one drink to get out policy..mmmm…sure you will get out …

Girls ClubbingA great after club is Kiut..and the girls are.. really gorgeous, funky crowd , friendly even if ‘dos mass’ is the extent of your Spanish.

If you want a really happening night in a stunning venue then Silk at the Elephant club rocks. The last Sunday in every month the venue makes it. A golden elephant at the garden like entrance Moulin Rouge style sets the scene and then inside a central bar with chaise long seating around the outside and raised vip area where you can smoke Turkish/morroccan water bongs and chill out overlooking the club. Locals but also girls will come from Madrid,and further afield. You will hear more English speakers here than any of the other places so if your Spanish is that limited you have better odds! The best nights are when there is a bank holiday here on the Monday as we don’t have to get up to work so it goes on until five. The last bank holiday was also the anniversary night and there were around 1200 girls there. Mixed styles and ages but it works. The dancer in the cage could either have been a hot girl or transvestite..not definite but apart from that the only other guy in there was a photographer.

Wherever you go out in Barcelona you will be as at home in your converse and battered jeans as you will be in manalo blhaniks so wear whatever you are comfortable in, it is easy to be yourself here!

The Axel Hotel which advertises itself as ‘hetero friendly’! is 5 star and has a rooftop pool bar (swimming pool not billiards.. calm down).. Saturdays and Thursday nights. It is currently aimed more at men ( working on this) but nice place to go to meet a date or quiet drink in the downstairs bar.

Lesbian/Girls Events 2014

Hola Girls

The Biggest Lesbian Festival in Europe Takes palce from the 6th to the 8th of June in Sitges, the week before gay pride. Many girls are combining this with the pride week celebrations to make it one big long summer holiday.

We will have more details as they become available.


Pride Sitges

Pride Sitges 2014
Pride Sitges takes place on the 12th to the 16th of June. Althought plans are still in the works, we expect a dedicated night for the ladies. Its set to be one of the hottest parties of the Summer 2014


Circuit Party

The Girlie Circuit - Barcelon 2014

The Girlie Circuit Party is set to take place in Barcelona in August from the 6th to the 18th of August. A lot of girls tend to stay in Sitges during the day and head to the parties at night.