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Route of the Carnival King – Arrival Day.

Gay Carnival Sitges

Here is the route for the arrival of the King of Carnival and his Dragon Queen on the 31st of Jan. The large green dots mark the best vantage points in terms of seeing the route pass by. You see it takes some effort to move these large floats through a medieval town. So as they turn the corners, you get more time to take in the spectacle.

Gay Carnival Sitges

The route leaves the town hall square, then passes along the beach-front, up Bonaire, through to the “Cap de la Vila”, the centre of town, through Calle Major and finally ends up at the Town Hall. The parade kicks off at 7pm and ends at 9pm… ish…

Key Carnival Dates

Key Carnival Dates

The Sitges CarnivalKicks off this Sunday on the 27th of January with all of the gay bars glamming up for the festivities. The King and Queen of Carnival arrive in a grand parade on the 31st of January. The 2 main parades not to be missed take place on the 3rd and the 5th. Gay Sitges Guide will have a full itinerary of parades and activities for you later this week.

D Squared Summer 2008

As people start planning their Summer 2008 trip to Sitges, thoughts too turn to what to wear on the beaches of Spain this comming season. D Squared was one of the more popular brands last summer and this years collection looks even hotter.

Check out the”Behind the Scenes” video for a sneak peak at some of the hotties on the catwalk.

Thre are several stores that sell D-Squared in Sitges located on C San Francisco.

Bars, Clubs and Cafes

Carnival Poster

As Carnival fast approaches, many of your favourite bars, clubs and cafes will be reopening. And indeed, many new bars, restaurants and cafes are opening their doors for the first time ever in Sitges. We will be keepin you up to date with new arrivals as they come on board.

Beach House Sitges

The Beach House will be reopening for Carnival serving their delicious menu once more… Reservations are recommended.

Bourbons Bar

Bourbons Bar re-opens on the 26th of January right through to the 10th of February… an extra long celebration.

Cafe Sitges

And finally, Cafe Sitges will open its doors for the first time this Carnival Season. They are located on C.San Pau 32… you can’t miss them.. right next to Monroes and the Beach House.


Your Carnival Hotel

Carnival Hotel

If you’re heading to Sitges for Carnival, now may be your last chance to book your hotel or apartment. Check out Gay Sitges Guide’s Hotels section for full details of the best hotels and offers in Sitges and for Rooms and Apartments.

Bearnaval 2008

Gay Bear Festival, Carnival

On the 1st of Feb, El Horno is holding its “Bearnaval”.. an alternativel take on Carnival. In a town awash with Drag Queens and Straight Boys dressed up as women, this is the place to go if you want to find some real bears.. and their admirers. For further details, visit El Horno’s listing on Gay Sitges Guide.

Carnival Costumes…. for your pet!

Carnival Costumes, Perro Total

If you’ve ever visited Sitges, then you will know that the world and his Mother have a dog! Its no surprise then that Sitges Perro Total has specially commissioned a wide range of Carnival outfits for our four legged friends.

Carnival Costumes, Perro Total

Perro Total is located on C.San Damian, just around the corner from Santiago Rusinol.

Carnival Costumes, Perro Total

Just drop in and say hello to Tina and she will find the perfect outfit for your pooch in time for the party of the year! For more information visit Perro Totals full listing on Gay Sitges Guide.

Only 2 Weeks Left to Carnival.

Only 2 Weeks Left

Last night some of the smaller streets were busy with guys and girls dancing on the streets, practising their routines for this year’s carnival. With only 2 weeks to go now is the time to get your costume and book your accommodation!

What a difference a day makes…


We’ve had a number of emails regarding different events this year. From Carnival to the flower festival of Corpus Cristi, people are confused. The main reason for this is that most holidays in Spain revolve around the church calendar.

As Easter falls very early this year, so too do Sitges most famous festivals… So if you are looking at last years blog posts, for coverage and photos of last years events, make sure you check this years dates for your preferred events by visiting Gay Sitges Guide’s Events section.