Easter in Sitges 2017

Easter in Sitges 2017!

Easter in Sitges marks the start of Spring in the village. The beaches reopen and the bars and clubs shake off the glitter of Carnival for the Sunshine of Season!

Lady Diamond Easter

Easter Weekend in Sitges

Lady Diamond returned to Sitges to kick off the Spring Season at Parrots Pub for Easter.

Easter in Sitges

Easter 2016 in Sitges

Thinking of visiting us for Easter? Check out what’s on and find a great hotel or apartment deal for the end of March kickoff to Season!

Easter in Sitges 2015

Easter in Sitges 2015

Photos of Easter in Sitges 2015 featuring Lady Diamond at Parrots Pub and after parties at Privilege Sitges at the weekend.

Easter in Sitges 2015

Easter 2015 in Sitges

Easter in Sitges marks the return of the Season. After a few sleepy post-Carnival months, the village kicks into gear and the bars reopen.

Lady Diamond at Parrots – Easter Sunday

Check out the photos of Lady Diamond’s Easter Eggstravaganza in Parrots Pub Sitges during Easter Sunday celebrations.

Lady Diamond Easter Sitges

Easter in Sitges – Photos from Central & Privilge

It was a fun night out in Privilege and Central bar Sitges during Easter Friday as Lady Diamond made her season debut.

Central Cafe Bar Sitges with Lady Diamond

Lady Diamond at Central Bar Cafe – Easter in Sitges

Central Cafe Bar Sitges with Lady Diamond

Central Cafe Bar Sitges
hosts the Lady Diamond Show on Friday Night. So enjoy some cocktails and cake and some famous Lady Diamond tunes in Plz Industria, the centre of gay Sitges. Check out previous photos of central in the gallery.

Easter in Sitges 2014

Easter in Sitges 2014

Easter in Sitges 2014

Easter in Sitges sees the return of the Spring Season to the Village. All of the major bars and clubs reopen for the weekend and there are several special parties, dinners and events to choose from! Check out our Easter in Sitges guide for full details of what’s on!