Easter Thursday in Organic

Organic, Sitges

This thursday saw Organic reopen after the Winter break.

Sitges, Organic

Tourists and locals mixed together. Thanks to Marcus who gave us a night off and took the photos for us!

Organic, Sitges

All of the bars and clubs in Sitges are open for Easter. Expect lots of partying and a busy night on Saturday and Sunday.


A late Easter kicks off the Summer Season and most of the bars will remain open at weekends and then every day from May.

Sitges Disco

For more details on bars and clubs in Sitges, check out the bars section.

Oragnic Club Spain

Easter Traditions and delicious Chocolate…..

Easter in Sitges

Like everything else they celebrate, the Catalan’s put their own twist on Easter Celebrations. The town will be busy this weekend with many people comming for their easter holidays. All of the bars are open so make the most of it. One thing you will notice on your trip is the size and variety of their Easter Eggs. More of a cross between an egg and a cake, the “Mona” is a whimsical chocolate and pastry creation given in the same way we give Easter eggs.

Bubo Bar, Barcelona

So if you are looking to get your boyfriend that perfect chocolate gift, we suggest you take a trip into Barcelona and head for the Bubo Bar and Chocolate shop on Caputxes 10.

Bubo Bar, Barcelona

Chic and fattening at the same time, you won’t be able to resist the delicious creations that this bar serves up. And their easter eggs are like works of art!

Happy Easter or as they say in Catalan, Felices Pasques.

Man Bar Reopens for Easter.

Man Bar, Sitges Man Bar reopens this Wed for Easter Week, Wed 4th – Sun 8th April from 10pm. From 24th April, Man Bar is open every day from 10pm – 3.30am. Unlike other bars in Sitges, Man Bar has a loose dress code of leather, rubber, uniform, skin gear and sportswear.