Le Patio Sitges

Le Patio

Stunning Garden Terrace Restaurant right in the heart of the Gay Village

Address: C Bonaire, 26


Le Patio is the latest gay friendly restaurant to open in Sitges. It is located in the heart of the gay village on C.Bonaire with a stunning interior garden courtyard.

The restaurant can easily accommodate more than 100 guests and its stunning interior and attention to detail will leave you impressed.

The French menu will delight those seeking a different dining experience in Sitges.  Desserts are exquisite and the wine menu is quite extensive.

The restaurant has proven to be very popular and reservations are recommended.

Opening Times

  • Le Patio is open every day during the Summer Season from 7.30pm to 11.30pm
  • A Special daily menu is available for EUR 20 and changes regularly.
  • For off season opening times, visit the restaurant's facebook page.

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Beach House Logo

The Beach House

Stunning Seafront Restaurant with great outdoor terrace, delicious food and cocktails

Address: Paseo de la Ribera, 33, Sitges


The Beach House, one of Sitges most favourite restaurants has a brand new location ,right on the Paseo with stunning views and a brand new menu whilst retaining the charming service and some of the traditional favourites from years past.

Located on Psg Ribera, one of Sitges most famous streets, the restaurant offers stunning views across the Mediterranean Sea.

The restaurant is open from Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and is a great spot to take in an afternoon cocktail or two.

There is also a daily menu for lunch which is delicious. Reservations are recommended.

Opening Times

  • The Beach House is open every day during the Summer Season from 8pm until 2am
  • Breakfast is served daily together with a lunchtime special menu and evening meals
  • After beach cocktails are available throughout the day.

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Soca Sitges


Delicious Southern California inspired cuisine with great cocktails and friendly service.

Address: San Gaudenci, 9, Sitges, Spain


SoCa blends the freshest Mediterranean ingredients with the healthy low-fat cuisine of California to deliver a healthy menu that tastes delicious.

Enjoy the warm and relaxed atmosphere in one of Sitges most spacious restaurants. The adventurous menu offers an authentic taste of California. From authentic Tacos and salads through to delicious Nachos and Seafood dishes, let SoCa transport your senses to the shores of Malibu or Orange County.

The international success of Californian cuisine, one of the healthiest in the world has reached the shores of Sitges. SoCa is the first Southern Californian Themed restaurant in Sitges. Sit back, relax and experience the true taste of genuine Californian cuisine with recipes and cocktails inspired from the cities of San Diego and Los Angeles.

The SoCa menu offers the perfect balance between price and quality. Whether for lunch from 1 to 4.30, a drink or cocktail at the bar, or a sumptuous dinner from 7pm, you can experience SoCa right through the day and late into the evening.

The décor of SoCa takes its inspiration from the warm long beaches of California. Vibrant and alive…think eternal sunsets, dramatic cliff tops… and the West Coast surf.

Whether at noon or at night, the SoCa menu offers something different each week. And for the diet conscious, our Salad Bar offers a healthy and affordable alternative.

SoCa is also available for parties and for large groups. They can even design a menu to your specification.

Opening Times

  • Soca is open every night during the peak season from 7pm.
  • For winter hours check their facebook page.

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Parrots Restaurant Sitges

Parrots Restaurant

One of the most famous restaurants in Sitges with busy terrace and superb dinner-shows.

Address: C Joan Tarrida, 18, Sitges, Spain


Parrots Restaurant Sitges is located in the heart of the gay district with a superb terrace, international cuisine and famous drag shows.

The restaurant is located at the crossroads of the two busiest gay areas in Sitges, Plz Industria and C.Bonaire. Parrots restaurant has an international menu with dishes ranging from beef to fish together with vegetarian options.

There is an early bird menu, a special set menu and a a la carte menu available. The Lady Diamond show takes place on Fridays and Tuesdays (peak season) from 9.30pm. Reservations are essential. The entire street comes to a complete standstill as people watch the world-famous show.

The restaurant also has an excellent wine list. Menus are available in multiple languages.

Opening Times

  • Parrots Restaurant is open every day during the Summer Season from 7pm until late.
  • The restaurant hosts regular theme nights and cabaret shows on Fridays and Tuesdays (peak season) featuring Lady Diamond.
  • A special early bird menu is available. There is also a set menu and an a la carte.

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Montroig Cafe Sitges


One of Sitges best known cafes with large terrace and delicious breakfasts and smoothies.

Address: Marquis de Mont Roig,11-13, Sitges, Spain


Montroig is the cafe that everyone knows in Sitges. Very Gay Friendly, Mont Roig provides the perfect vantage point to watch Sitges walk by.

Whether you want to relax over one of their delicious Cappuccinos or go for a healthy smoothie, there is something for everyone on their extensive menu.

Open from early morning to late at night, its perfect for those who want to eat to their own schedule. It also stays open right through the day.

Bright and airy, the cafe has a spacious feel. The seating outside is always popular, but the back terrace is just as nice to sit in the sun, under the shade of the trees.

From delicious breakfasts to home made burgers, everything is freshly prepared on site. And if you do want to get a seat outside, expect to wait at peak times. Either get their early or be patient. This is especially true during Sitges peak periods and during events such as Bears Week and Sitges Pride, but its worth the wait.

Mont Roig Provides everything from delicious breakfasts to tempting salads and everything inbetween!

Opening Times

  • Montroig is open every day from 8am until late.
  • The cafe is open throughout the winter with a break at the end of December (Check their facebook for details)

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Yummy Sitges


Stylish terrace bar on C.Joan Tarrida with great cocktails and views!

Address: C.Joan Tarrida, 2, Sitges, Spain


Yummy Sitges is located in the heart of Sitges gay street on C.Bonaire. The bar is beautifully decorated with an expansive outdoor terrace. The atmosphere is cool and relaxed.

Yummy has an extensive cocktail list and one of the best Champagne menu's in Sitges. The bar is the perfect place to watch the hot guys walk from bar to bar or to meet up with friends for an evening out.

Opening Times

  • Yummy Sitges is closed during the Winter Season.
  • The bar is open every day for the Summer season from 7pm until late.

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