Carnival 2018 – Wednesday Night

Carnival 2018 - Wednesday Night at Parrots Pub
Noche de las Mantillas

Mantillas Night – Carnival 2018

Noche de las Mantilals - Feb 2018
Parrots Pub Stop Sida night

Parrots Stop SIDA Event 2018

Parrots Pub raised over 5,800 at the annual charity auction for Stop SIDA the local Barcelona AIDS/HIV Awareness charity.
Bears Week Sitges 2017

Bears Week Sitges – Saturday in the Bear Square 2017.

The last Saturday of Bears Week Sitges in September, in the busy bear square at Plz Industria.

Bears Week Sitges 2017 – Friday Night – Bear Square

A busy Bear Square by Parrots pub on Plz Industria during Bears Week.

Addicted Fashion Show – Second Thursday – Bears Week Sitges

A mix of bears and boys for the Addicted Fashion show during Bears Week Sitges.

Plz Industria – Bear Square – Bears Week Sitges 2017

Photos taken in Plz Industria and Parrots Pub during Bears Week Sitges in September.

Addicted Fashion Show – Bears Week Sitges 2017

Photos of the ADDICTED Sitges Fashion show during Bears Week 2017.

Addicted Fashion Show – Fiesta Mayor Weekend

The Addicted Fashion Show in Sitges during Fiesta Mayor.

Parrots Pub & Terrace

Parrots Pub & Terrace are one of the most popular gay bars in Sitges, located right in the heart of the gay district, in Plz Industria.

  • Open All Year
  • Breakfast at the terrace from 8.30am March to October
  • Cocktails at the pub from 5pm

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