Route 66 is set to become “New Organic” – Building Works are continuing. For the moment all foam parties will take place in Trailer – Galaxy

Route 66 – Sitges longest running gay friendly club – open year round.

Address: Route 66, Carrer Bonaire, 12 Sitges, 08870, Spain

Route 66 SItges is the longest running club in the village and is open every night during the Summer season and at weekends on the off season.

The club is mixed and is located on the busy street of C.Bonaire. Staff are welcoming and friendly and the venue is popular with locals and tourists.

Route 66 is also the home of Sitges Pride Parties including the Black Night, a popular fetish event and Lady Diamond's Jungle Show - the closing party for Sitges Pride.

The club is your best option for a fun night out during the winter months when Organic is closed.

Opening Times

  • Route 66 is open every night during the Summer Season.
  • The club is open Friday and Saturday night during the Winter period.

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