The Zombie Beach Party @ La Fragata, Sitges

Sitges Zombie Walk

This weekend is set to be a busy one in Sitges with the closing of the film festival and of course the Zombie Walk which was a huge success last year.

This years event will be televised live on Spanish TV. The event kicks off at 8pm from the Miramar building in the old town behind the church and makes its way through the town to the beach at La Fragata. A Special Haunted Castle has been built to house the Zombies!

If you want to get made-up as a zombie, then you can..for free! The make up is amazing and most of you wont recognise yourself afterwards! So you can get away with anything!!! The queue is going to be long and kicks off at 12pm.

The zombies will then have their annual Zombie Beach Party until 2am which is free for everyone to attend with guest DJs and ghoulish music all night! Enjoy.