Sitges to host first Drag Queen Gala during Carnival!

Sitges Drag Queen Gala will kick off the festivities for the 2020 Carnival on La Fragata.

Gala Drag Queen Sitges

11 Drag queens from mainland Spain, the Canary Islands and beyond will perform on a purpose-built stage at Fragata Beach on Sunday 16th of February in what is a first for Carnival.

11 Candidates will compete for the main title and will be evaluated based on their stage performance, make up, choreography and costume.

The show kicks off at 5pm from Calle San Francesc, where the group will make their way through the streets of Sitges via Cap de la Vila, Sant Pau and Psg de la Ribera before arriving at Fragata.

The theme for the night is “One Thousand and One Nights” with more than 400 people expected to attend. The gala will be presented by Sofia del Prado, Miss Universe 2017; and by the Sitges “La Secre” and Sílvia Andreu.

The event, as part of the official Sitges 2020 Carnival, is run by Nacho Ruiz, and is supported by different companies in the town. The aim of the grand gala “will be to recapture the essence of the gay carnival that was held decades ago on ‘Carrer del Pecat Mortal (Sin Street) ’”.

  • 17 h Start of the show Sant Francesc street
  • 17.30 h Start of the Gala in La Fragata
  • 7.30pm Proclamation of Drag Queen of Sitges 2020
  • 19.45 h End of the show

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Drag acts include, Drag Sethlas, Drag Fantasy, Drag Wayúu Queen, Drag Sejmet, Drag Orión, Drag-Patrol, Drag Shíky, Drag Noa, Drag Gio, Drag Elektra, Drag Yesailararodrihuez and Drag Nervio.

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