Sitges Timbalada 2009

Sitges Timbalada

Batucada Markatú will present the fourth editionTimbalada Sitges, the largest drum festival in Spain on Saturday the 11th July.

They wowed the crowds at Barcelona Pride when they took part in the Official AFGAL Sitges float and they are set to do the same this Saturday evening with a host of other bands!

Sitges Timbalada

Forty groups and over a thousand drummers participate in Sitges Timbalada beginning with four simultaneous street by street
Sitges and end of the park Can Robert

Sitges Timbalada

The 2009 NGO “Bombay Smiles” will be the beneficiary of the festival

40 groups from all over Spain and over a thousand percussionists will come to Sitges with the intention of holding the largest concentration of percussion in over Spain.

The drummers will set off from 4 different rotues and finish at Cap de la Vila and then make their way to Can Robert Park for a huge concert.

The four routes are:

1. Jesus-Cao de la vila
2. Drop-Angel Vidal-Barcelona-Cap de la Vila
3. City Council-Mayor-Chief of the Town
4. Parellades-Cap de la Vila

Then on to Carrer Sant Francesc de Can-Robert Park!