Sitges this weekend…. where to drink!

Bars in Sitges

This weekend, check out some of the busiest bars in Sitges for a great night out…

Oreks Sitges

Oreks, always popular, busy from 12am…. lots of Tourist and of course some cure French boys too!

Bars in Sitges

Let Neil and the boys from B-Side show you a good time this weekend..

XXL in Sitges

XXL, home to one of Sitges dark rooms upstairs, plays great music and is always popular with men looking for men!

Privilege in Sitges

Start your night in Privilege… chill out, dance, relax, meet a cute guy… you are Privileged after all!

Prinz in Sitges

Finally, check out Prinz for hot boys, great drinks prices and excellent music!

Visit the bars section on Gay Sitges Guide for full details.