Sitges Carnival 2010 – Offical Poster

Official Poster of Carnival

Every year the Official Carnival Poster gives us a glimpse into what the theme of the Event might be for this year…. We don’t know about you, but we’re expecting lots of purple… For more information on Carnival, check out the full details on Gay Sitges Guide here.

  • Sat – 6th Feb – Carnival Opening Party – Bourbons
  • Sun – 7th Feb – El Candil Spectacular
  • Sun – 7th Feb – Noche de Reinas Bar Azul
  • Tue – 9th Feb  – Mantillas at Comodin
  • Wed -10th Feb – Turistas Night at Locacola
  • Wed -10th Feb – World Cup Carnival at Parrots Pub
  • Wed – 10th Feb – Soiree Massacre at Privilege
  • Thur -11th Feb – Glamour Night at XXL
  • Thur -11th Feb – Lady Diamond at Queenz
  • Fri – 12th Feb – Lady Diamond at Prinz
  • Fri -12th Feb – Ma Maison Silver Night
  • Sat – 13th Feb – Reinas Night at Queenz
  • Sun -14th Feb – Lady Diamond at Prinz
  • Mon -15th Feb – Sauna Sitges Fiesta del Paquette
  • Mon -15th Feb – Silver Night at Ma Maison
  • Mon – 15th Feb – Prize Night at Oreks
  • Wed- 17th Feb – Widows Night at Locacola/Ma Maison

We will have more updates for you as we get them. See you for Carnival 2010 in Sitges!