Sant Jordi in Sitges…

Sant Jordi Sitges

Bienvenidos, young lovers, wherever you are! Take your amor to Sitges this week to celebrate La Diada de Sant Jordi! Saint George or Sant Jordi in Catalan, was a romantic and chivalrous guy at heart who inspired Barcelona in seeing this day as the most giddy and amorous day of the year. He also happens to be the patron saint of the six million inhabitants of Catalonia.

Known as “The Day of Lovers,” La Diada de Sant Jordi is often compared to Valentine’s Day, but with some uniquely Latin twists. The main event is the exchange of gifts between sweethearts — men give their novias roses, and women give their novios a book to celebrate the occasion. Gay boys and girls… I guess you can decide! Oh and its also a day off for us here on the 23rd.. so the bars will be busy the night before!