Improved Photo Galleries

New Photo Gallery

We started the photo gallery over 2 years ago. It was getting a bit difficult to navigate now that we have reached our 20,000th photo. So we did some housekeeping. We’ve upgraded the flash player so it works much more fluidly.

Also, each category now has its own unique gallery. So do all the major bars and clubs (don’t worry, we will be adding more of you over the next few days). And we will be highlighting different galleries each week so you can keep abrest of the best places to shop, eat, drink and have fun in! Individual listing galleries will be upgraded this week. If we’ve missed anything, just let us know.

You can view Gay Sitges Guide’s redeigned galleries here. Remember to keep an eye out for our posters in bars and clubs. These businesses support this guide and we in-turn encourage you to support them when you are here for your holidays.

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