Sitges Carnival


Photos of Sitges Carnival, Sitges biggest event during the Winter season and has been named as one of the top 10 carnivals in the world!

Gay Pride Sitges


Photos of Gay Pride Sitges, the highlight of the gay calendar in the Village attracting more than 50,000 visitors over 5 days.

Bears Week Sitges

Bears Week

Photos of Sitges Bears Week events which take place in May and September attracting more than 5000 bears and admirers to the village.

Delice Dream

Delice Dream

Delice Dream is the annual Sitges Spring Break Event taking place every May, with international DJ’s, circuit parties and hot young guys!

Sitges Vintage Car Rally

Car Rally

Photos of Sitges Vintage Car Rally which takes place every March. Cars from the pre-1920’s make their way from Barcelona to Sitges.


Easter kicks off the start of the Spring Season with some fun parties and the arrival of Beach Weather!

Santa Tecla Sitges

Santa Tecla

Photos of Santa Tecla, Sitges second big firework and religious celebration for the town’s patron saint.

Fiesta Mayor

Fiesta Mayor

Photos of Sitges Fiesta Mayor, one of the most important festivals held in the village, every August with spectacular fireworks displays.

Corpus Christi Sitges

Corpus Christi

Photos of Corpus Christi, one of Sitges most beautiful festivals where the streets of the town are covered in petals to create stunning floral murals.

Stop Sida Benefit Night

Stop SIDA annual benefit at Parrots

The Stop SIDA benefit night takes place at the end of Season each year in Parrots pub raising funds for the BCN charity.