Sitges Carnival


Sitges Carnival 2017 – Thursday!

A fun Thursday night in Parrots Pub with some unexpected live shows at Carnival 2017.

Parrots Pub – Wed Carnival 2017

The night before the crazy carnival kicks in as Parrots prepares for guests arrivals!

Parrots Pub & Restaurant, Noche de las Mantillas – 2017

The traditional start of Carnival at Parrots Pub and Parrots Restaurant for Noche de las Mantillas!

Tuesday Night Carnival 2016

Another Night of Sitges Carnival fun on the second parade day at Parrots.

Sunday Night Carnival 2016

Sunday nigh is parade night at Sitges Carnival - the whole town is in costume!

Saturday Carnival 2016

The Saturday night is the one night not to miss at Carnival.

Friday Carnival 2016 – Parrots Pub

Fun on Friday in Parrots Pub During Carnival

Carnival 2016 – Thursday

Carnival and the king arrives and the party continues in Parrots!

Carnival 2016 – Wednesday

The traditional opening of Parrots Pub at Carnival

Sitges Carnival

Sitges Carnival is Sitges biggest event during the Winter season and has been named as one of the top 10 carnivals in the world!

  • Takes place every year between Feb and March
  • More than 250,000+ visitors for the event
  • Dress to impress – Bring your costumes!

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