Even easier to get to Sitges…

Flying to Sitges, Barcelona

If you’re comming from further afield than Europe, you will be glad to know that a number of airlines have increased their capacity and direct routes to Barcelona Airport, which is only 30 minutes from Sitges. Here are the recent highlights from the major carriers.

More seats to Atlanta: from May onwards, Delta Air Lines will increase the number of seats that are available on its daily flight to Atlanta. 32 extra seats will be available on each flight, amounting to a total of 960 seats each way every month.

New flight to Argentina: Aerolíneas Argentinas has announced that there are to be more flights to Buenos Aires from 11 June. The airline will thus be offering 988 new seats each way every month.

More flights to Southeast Asia: Singapore Airlines will introduce a new weekly flight on 4 July. This will result in an increase of 1,112 more seats per month in both directions between Barcelona and Singapore and Southeast Asia.

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