Bacardi Founder honoured in Sitges.

Bacardi Sitges

Don Facundo Bacardí Massó was one of Sitges’ most distinguished citizens, as the founder of Bacardi.

His great-great grandson Facundo Bacardi, the Bacardi chairman, joined Sitges Mayor Jordi Baijet to honour his memory with the unveiling of a statue celebrating his life, success, and connections to Sitges.

Bacardi Sitges

Mr. Massó was a merchant born and raised in Sitges who emigrated to Santiago de Cuba in 1830. In 1862, he revolutionised the spirits world with the creation of Bacardi rum, the world’s first light bodied and mixable rum.

The Sitges-inspired sculpture by artist Lorenzo Quinn is entitled “Looking into the Future” and will become a permanent fixture on the town’s seaside promenade, the Paseo Marítimo.

The one-of-a-kind work has a base of solid stone; on top of which is a large steel circle held up by open hands made of bronze and the Bat, the globally recognised symbol of Bacardi, also known symbol of good luck, fortune and family unity.

The base has an embedded plaque with a portrait and explanation of the life and vision of Mr. Massó.

Mr. Quinn created the sculpture using stone from Sitges. The circle symbolises the global dimensions of the brand and the company. The open hands reaching for the sky symbolise letting dreams take flight, with the confidence to succeed.

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