A day out in Vilanova – Continued

Continuing on from our posting yesterday, Vilanova offers a wide range of things to do without having to travel too far from Sitges. From antique fairs to Roman Museums, there's something for everyone.

Find your own Roman centurion!

Vilanova Museum

V. BALAGUER MUSEUM – Victor Balaguer Avenue, s/n. Phone (+34) 938 154 202

The museum contains one of the largest collections of 19th century Catalan paintings as well as collections of decorative arts and archaeology. The library contains one of the richest collections of the 19th century, with manuscripts, engravings and maps.

You know you always wanted to drive a train!

Vilanova Railway Museum

Eduard Maristany Square s/n. Phone (+34) 938 158 491 – Web Site

This museum has a complete collection of steam engines. The collection includes a revolving bridge and a turntable, under which are some of the oldest engines conserved in Spain, a bogie belonging to one of the American coaches (HARLAN) used in Catalonia when the first railways were constructed.

Visit a Stud Farm

Vilanova Railway Museum

The Yeguada Alba stud farm (website) offers visitors the opportunity to see the most beautiful Spanish mares and sires. Visits must be arranged at least one week in advance. The scenery is tryly spectacular. If horses are your thing, then this visit is a must.

Shop 'till you drop….

Brocanters Vilanova

Shopping for bargins is always great fun. Why not try your hand at some antiquing and pick up a piece of Catalan history. There are 2 main fairs that are worth a visit. Both are perfect for finding the perfect momento of your trip to Spain without resorting to tacky-tourist memorabilia.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m, the “Brocanters” or antique dealers fair takes place on the third Sunday of every month on Rambla de la Pau.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m, the Amateur painters fair takes place on the Fourth Sunday of each month on Rambla Principal-Rambla de J. T. Ventosa.

Round off your day with the perfect meal.

Brocanters Vilanova

Once you have finished your trip, we recommend you pay a visit to Restaurant La Masia. The food is superb and it is on the journey back towards town.

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