A brand new sound for Sitges.

Sitges Pulsations

It was only a matter of time before Sitges had its very own Soundtrack! Ibiza has Cafe Del Mar and now Sitges has “Sitges Pulsations“. The brainchild of Record Producer Claude-Emmanuel Ajavon, the CD is a true reflection of the lifestyle and culture of Sitges. Indeed each and every track reflects a different mood of Sitges, from chilled and relaxed to truly frenetic, which is just how Sitges is – a place of contrasts, living in harmony.

So, next time you want to bring a memory of Sitges home with you that has some style, forget the designer T-shirt and bring them back something truly memorable. CDS are on sale accross Spain and will be available internationally within the next few weeks.

Sitges Pulsations Party

The next Sitges Sensations party takes place on March 23rd at 9pm in El Margallo restaurant which is on Paseo Marítimo, 92-94. To book your place phone 93 894 86 47.