Queenz Sitges – Carnival 2011 – Friday 4th March.

Queenz has been transformed into a Carnival masterpiece…. and has great shows lined up for the week ahead.

Ruby Sitges – Carnival 2011 – Friday 4th March.

Rubys continues to pack in the punters during Sitges Carnival 2011.

Parrots Pub – Sitges Carnival – Friday 4th March 2011

Photos of Parrots Pub during Sitges Carnival 2011, on Friday night as Carnival fever hits the town!

Ruby’s Terrace – Thursday 3rd of March at Sitges Carnival.

Photos from Ruby’s Terrace and Bar during the arrival of the King of Carnival in Sitges.

XXL Glamour Night – Sitges Carnival 2011

Check out the photos of XXL during Sitges Carnival on Thursday night, 3rd March 2011.

Parrots Pub – Thursday 3rd of March.. Sitges Carnival

The Carnival King arrived in Sitges on Thursday and everyone was celebrating in Parrots Pub!

Sitges Carnival – Parrots Pub Opening Night – March 2nd 2011.

Parrots Pub reopened for Carnival in Sitges on Wed 2nd of March 2011.

Noche de las Mantillas – Carnival 2011 at Comodin.

Photos from Sitges Carnival at Comodin during their Noche de las Mantillas on Tuesday the 1st of March.

Organic – Reopens for Sitges Carnival – Thur May 3rd

Organic reopens for Carnival in Sitges on the 3rd of March 2011.