Dark Sitges – Carnival / Carnaval 2011 – Be Different!

Dark Sitges Carnival

Dark Sitges celebrates Sitges Carnival, daily from early in the evening, till late at night from the 3rd to the 9th of February.

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Sitges Carnival kicks off at Sauna Sitges – Fri 25th Feb..

Carnaval de Sitges Sauna Sitges

It all kicks off on Friday the 25th of Feb at 3am in Sauna Sitges as the first party of the Sitges Gay Carnival 2011. Let the fun begin! Its an unusual theme.. the night of the most ugly!

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Privilege – Sitges Carnival / Carnaval 2011

Sitges Carnival

Its Cabaret time at Privilege this Carnival in Sitges! Privilege will open on the 2nd of March, every night, until the 9th of March, from 10.30pm. The Privilege Divas will be out in force!

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Parrots Pub and Terrace at Sitges Carnival / Carnval 2011

Parrots Carnival Carnival 2011

Parrots Pub reopens for Carnival on the 2nd of March. This year’s theme is all do do with “Construction”… so who knows what to expect! Lots of hot guys and girls partying the night away is guaranteed though!

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Sitges Carnival / Carnaval 2011 at XXL Group…

XXL Carnival

XXL open every day from the 3rd of March to the 9th of March for Sitges Carnival 2011!

Carnival XXL Glamour Night

XXL’s traditional party night takes place on Thursday the 3rd of March with prizes for the most glamorous! Previous winners include Miss Pandora, no less!

Sitges El Horno Carnival 2011

And don’t forget, you can pop in to El Horno, from 5.30pm every day and see Rom and his sisters, Out of the Closet, just for Carnival!

Check out previous photos of XXL during Carnival here.

Ruby Sitges…Tuesdays..Wednesdays..and every day in Sitges..

Ruby Sitges Bar and Terrace

If you haven’t heard of “RubyGate” by now, well then we don’t know where you’ve been. Miss Ruby, the infamous sister of the illustrious Lady Diamond, has opened her very own Bar and Terrace in Sitges.

Known formerly as ‘Marypili’, on the busy C. Joan Tarrrida (between XXL and Parrots), Ruby’s Terrace and Bar will open for business with a glamorous party on Saturday the 26th of February, just in time for Carnival.

And of course, with plenty of room for those who like to smoke, the terrace makes the perfect pace to watch the world go buy, while you sip on one of Miss Ruby’s delicious cocktails. For the latest info on the bar, check out RubySitges.com

Sitges Carnival / Carnaval 2011 at Queenz Bar

Queenz Bar Sitges

Queenz Bar opens for Sitges Carnival on the 3rd of March and remains open throughout the entire Event.

Queenz Bar Sitges

Don’t forget the very popular Kelly’s night on Friday the 4th of March!

Queenz Bar Sitges

And of course, one of the highlights of the week, Sitges Talent night, hosted by Lady Diamond from 11pm on March the 7th. Anyone can enter, but you must be at the bar by 11pm to be included!

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Locacola – Noche de las turistas – Sitges Carnival / Carnaval 2011


Locacola celebrates 10 years of Carnival parties this March! Their infamous “Noche de las Turistas” takes place on Tuesday the 2nd of March. Not-to-be-missed!

Check out the photos of Locacola during Sitges Carnival on Gay Sitges Guide here.

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