Work Begins on Balmins Promenade

Balmins Beach Sitges

Those of you venturing down to San Sebastian Beach recently will have noticed the ongoing roadworks. The works are part of a plan to link Balmins Beach to San Sebastian via a pedestrian promenade. Currently its a bit of a trek to get to the nudist beaches, but with this promenade, you will have a beautiful sea view all the way… Works are due for completion before the start of the 2009 season.

Check out the beaches section of Gay Sitges Guide for further information.

Naughty or nice.. don’t forget your pet!

Perro Total

If you’re in Sitges for this Christmas… and it appears that many of you will be, don’t forget to take back a present for your pet pooch or cat!

Perro Total

Perro Total has some amazing gifts for your pets… so naughty or nice, scary or posh… there’s something for every pet owner at the store! Truly amazing! Check out Perro Total’s listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

World Aids Day 2008

To all those we’ve lost… and to those who have beaten the odds and continue to live life to the full every day. We take a moment to remember those not so fortunate to benefit from western medicine and encourage you to support aids research in any way you can.